Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quilt # 2, In Progress

Ever since I finished my first quilt, I've been itching to get started on another one. I spend my days drooling over fabrics that I can't afford, but will make room for in my budget (who needs groceries, right?). I am anxiously waiting for this wonderful Amy Butler fabric, quite a few different Heather Bailey fabrics, and the fabric that inspired it all by Kaffe Fassett. Though I managed to splurge on some of my fabrics, I picked up others at Jo-Anne's for a lot less. I already started the cutting:

Some of the fabric for Quilt #2

I like these colors on their own, but I'm anxious to play around with the fabric I ordered online too. I'm not really using a pattern for this quilt, which might be a death wish for a beginner quilter, like myself, but I think making lots of squares until it's big enough should work out? I hope. I do have a back-up pattern, just in case.
Some of the fabric for Quilt #2

One thing I forgot to do before my cutting is pre-washing. I've been thinking about it all night (it's even effecting my dreams), and I was thinking of buying some mesh fabric and making a little bag to put my fabric in, so it won't get too frayed in the wash. I hope that works.

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