Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Photo Albums

I haven't given up on my Acid-Free photo album transfer. I have spent the last few weeks looking for the perfect paper. I looked for a paper that was affordable, creme colored, on the heavy side, and the right size to fit in their original albums. I thought about going for a classic black album, but these originals have held our photos since the 70's, so I think they are part of the history and it would be shame to see them go:

Old Albums

Old Albums

Most paper that fit the description I wanted was scrapbook size, 12" x 12", came in a pack of 10 or 25 and cost more than I wanted to pay. My guess is I'll be needing well over a hundred pages to fill all the albums I want to do, so when I found Canson Classic Creme Drawing paper, I was overjoyed!

The old and the new

At a mere $3 per 24 pages, I thought it was a deal. The size is a little larger than I wanted, but it's nothing that can't be cut down. Now the challenge is in the binding. Before I start working on the pages, I want to make sure that there is a copy center in town who can help me with the spiral binding. I see potential problems there, because the spiral in the book is a little tricky to get to. I'll have to think of a Plan B in the meantime.

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