Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Green Tea Cake

Today we are celebrating my friend, Ming's birthday. Ming makes it her daily mission to get everyone she comes in contact with to drink more green tea. When I saw Trader Joes sells a mix for green tea cake, it was just too perfect for the occaision.

Green Tea Cake Batter

Green Tea Cake

Green Tea Cake with Vanilla Frosting

I hope she likes it!


Anonymous said...

SOOO FREAKIN GOOD. she sure did like it! ;) too bad ricklet didn't get any. the frosting was YUMMY and the candy confetti gave it a crunchy FUN touch!!! :) i love you, pannetterpee!!!!!!!!!!

Dr.Gray said...

My problem with the trader joes mix is that it didnt really taste like green tea. It seemed more like a baking mix with some food coloring. There are some more places online that you can get the real thing. Something like this would work - baking matcha.