Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lace Candle Cozies

I love Valentine's Day issues of magazines. All holiday issues are good, for that matter, but there's so much love and lots of good crafts in the Valentine's Day issues! I got my Valentine's Day issue of Martha Stewart a few days ago and was inspried by her lace candle cozies. She made them a whole other way using starch, but I didn't have starch, so I improvised.

I went with a creme colored lace, it reminded of the 1920's.
The lace

I folded the lace to fit around the candle holder and sewed.
Sewing the lace

Then I just slipped the lace over the glass candle holder. Be careful not to catch the lace on fire!
The candles with their new lace cozies

I was thinking about makeing lace cozies for flower vases too. It could be a nice touch to a boring old vase.


Simona said...

where do you get your lace from?

Anonymous said...

So cute!
You're good, you actually sewed it, I just glue gun everything!