Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gotta Love The Dollar Days

While picking out some new nail polish at the local Rite Aid, I stumbled across their "dollar days" bins. I try to run the other way when I see them, because I know most of that stuff will just end up sitting unopened on a counter somewhere for the next few years, but I always have to look. Inside the cardboard bins of tacky treasures, I found something with potential.

It's something I've been searching for, but it had pencil edges, which I had to somehow remove.
Pencil Rik Rack

Luckily, this item was made of really cheap wood and I was able to just cut the pencil part off with some dull scissors.
Cutting off the pencil part

Add a little paint.
Painting it Red

And a solution to my empty kitchen wall was born!
Kitchen Rik Rack

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