Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pencil Holder

Any candy tin will do.

The Tin and the fabric

I sewed a slip on cover for the tin out of oil cloth that matches my tablecloth. I couldn't find any magnets strong enough at the craft store, so I took one off an exsisting magnet I had and never used.
The magnet I ripped off another magnet

Instant pencil holder for my 'fridge!
The Pen Holder that used to be the mint tin!


Anonymous said...

YAYYYY!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!! i still have 2 empty tins if you're so inclined to rip out other magnets. the tins are in my car if you want 'em!

--- you know who --- :)

dailycraft said...

Yes! I finally did it! I still want to make you one too... what color is your kitchen, again? I'll be taking your empty tins tomorrow :)