Friday, January 26, 2007

Celebratory No Knead Bread

As I finally gave up on finding Target's Chefmate Cast Iron Casserole Pot, I read the post in Not Martha and discovered they have re-stocked the item! I immediately called Target stores in my area and was dissappointed to hear they were once again sold out. I decided to try the Target stores in my parent's area and found one right down their street! My mom offered to pick it up for me (she knows I've been looking for it) and tonight I will have it in my kitchen! In order to celebrate, I decided to bake a fresh batch of No Knead Bread.

The Start of Some Fresh No Knead Bread

Last time I made tried this recipe, I made it in a pyrex dish covered with foil. It still came out really good, but I'm excited to actually bake it in a cast iron pot, the way it was intended! The bread is in it's 12-18 hour resting phase now. I will post pictures of the outcome tomorrow morning.

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