Monday, July 28, 2008

Blue Run Run Run

What's with me and all the blueberry pies, right? It's odd. I think my blueberry loving nephew rubbed off on me, because blueberries have suddenly become one of my favorite fruits. And it really is my favorite pie to make. Making pies is so much more fun with my new food processor. It really cuts dough making time by eighty percent.
The dough
And I still get all the hands-on fun with blueberry mashing.
The Berries
I made 2 pies today. One for the lovely Kim, who just gave me the cutest sailor girl pin, ever. She sells the most amazing vintage jewelry on ebay here.
The dough of a mini tart
The little dough star melted a bit, emphasizing the wonderful use of butter.
Mini Blueberry Pie
And another pie for a birthday party at work tomorrow.
The dough of a big pie
Lots of stars and dots of butter on this pie.
Blueberry pie before the oven
I left it a little light, so I could reheat it without burning in the morning, fresh for work.
Blueberry Pie
I start class again this week, so I imagine life is going to be a little busier. I've been really lucky to have an independent study so far this summer, which has given me a lot of freedom to craft and pursue new projects, while keeping up with homework at my own pace. During the past few months, I've picked up a few extra curricular activities, such as buying a new bike, trying to learn how to DJ, and probably the most time consuming of them all.. I am training to run a 10K run at the end of August. The running has been pretty great. I've been averaging on about 10-12 miles per week for now. If all goes well, I hope to do a marathon someday.

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