Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Disconnect The Dots

Let the polka dot obsession begin. On the way home from work, I made an impulse turn into Joann's and bought the best of their polka dots. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a selection available, but I did okay. I didn't fall in love with these dots, but I think they'd make good fillers in my potential polka dot quilt.
Polka dots are taking over my life lately
These polka dots are really taking over my thoughts. As I began planning my outfit for a friend's wedding this weekend, I got stuck deciding between two particular dresses.
Which dress to wear at a wedding this weekend?
That's right. Polka dot dresses! Still not sure which one to wear, but either way, I really do wear my dots thoughts.

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myteemingee said...

EEE!! Polka Dot Invasion! Stthtsshthhseriousthly! :)