Monday, August 04, 2008

Rolly Polly Sandwiches

Usually, I think of little gray bugs when I hear the words Rolly Polly - but according to my mom, that's the name of these little sandwiches. I thought I'd make my own version of my mom's Rolly Pollies, for a lunch time picnic with friends at work. I made the sandwiches the night before the picnic.
Pre-cut Rolled Sandwiches
I made a few combinations of Turkey, Ham, Swiss, and Cheddar, all with mustard, tomatoes, pickles, pepperoncinis, and lettuce. I was planning on using mayonnaise too, but I forgot to add it! I don't think anyone noticed, they came out pretty good!
Rolled Sandwiches
I sliced the sandwiches right before serving.
Rolled Sandwiches
They were just right for a light lunch time with friends.


lisette said...

Mmmhh, you bake and cook the most great things! I'd like to try the blueberry pie! But the rolls looks great too..

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

how do you make the rolly polly sandwiches?