Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Original Order

I've picked up my old photo albums again, in order to transfer everything from acidic photo albums...
... to a acid-free album.
Family Photos
This project started a while ago, but to this day, I haven't figured a few things out. One of the biggest debates in organizing an archive is the question of original order. The way my family has organized their photos makes little sense to me. For example, the last few pages of my parents Hawaiian honeymoon album contains the most random pictures of birthdays, sears portrait sessions, and pictures that just don't seem to fit. On the other hand, their honeymoon album contains pages like this:
Family Albums
I'm not sure I can transfer this flower, card, and the page itself. It just does not seem right altering this page. On the other hand, if I don't, the colors will fade and acid will eat it up! There's something about pictures that represent memory and memory fades, just like pictures do (and maybe should). This situation is all so confusing to me right now. Another trend I found in a lot of the older albums was the reoccurring Mary stickers:
Family Albums
I know if I were to transfer these images, I would bring the Mary with me, but somehow I feel bad messing with this. The more I dwell on it, the more I want to scan each page, make a book out of that, and call it a day.

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myteemingee said...

Those are CRAZY photos! :) So cool and you're right - I think keeping them as they are shows their age... but I do worry about the yellowing... those are "sticky" photo albums, yes? Why people ever created those in the first place is beyond me.

Thanks for the comment! :) The blue hippo turned out to be a blue giraffe, and I made an owl and snail too! (I'm going to put the snail on etsy as soon as I put eyes on it) :) :) :)