Thursday, November 08, 2007

Framed Fabric Covered Cork Board

Ta-da! The blue frame turned into my new fabric covered cork board!
Bulletin Board
I constantly have way too many papers lying around and now I have a way to manage them! Please note: as a library student, saying that a cork board is my strategy to manage papers is a really bad thing.
Bulletin Board
In order to redeem that thought, this is not my way to "manage" my papers, but a quick solution to keeping my desk paper free for brief moments, until I have them properly archived. Also note, that I will not actually be pinning holes in my documents, but pinning around the paper, not to damage my original material. There, that should do it. But before I pin around anything, I need to find or make the perfect push pins. I think I want something with little black balls on the tips, to match the flowers on the fabric. Until then, it will just be a pretty piece of fabric art.

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Michelle said...

I just went out and bought a cork board today to do the exact same thing (fabric plus frame), I still need to find the right frame though. I've also made some fabric covered thumbtacks for another cork board in my house using the tutorial from How About Orange.

Maybe a thin black velvet fabric would give the right effect.