Thursday, November 01, 2007

Moo Cozy

I finished my craft for Jek and it's in the mail.
Craft for Jek
Craft for Jek
Sometimes I feel bad giving crafts I sew to people I like, because I'm such a messy sewer. That's why I never sell anything I sew, I just feel like it's not the right quality. Perhaps, one day I will take a class or get motivated to measure, but for now, it's just me sewing messy. I hope she likes it.


Julian said...

tht's so cute, what kind of material is that?

dailycraft said...

Thanks! I used woodgrain oil cloth.

faith said...

Its OK. Perfection might never be reached, but every time you practice you will get closer.

r0ck3t3r said...

I think that it looks great. That only gave it more character.