Friday, November 09, 2007

How To Make Custom Gift Wrap

It's almost that time of year when our living rooms become non-living rooms and giftwrap central. This time around, I am wrapping two other very special gifts. One is for one of my best friends, Tom, who is leaving the Getty for a shiney new librarian job in the medical field. Although I am sad, I'm very happy for him and his new opportunity! So, I wanted to make his going away gifts special. A long time ago, Tom showed me his high school portrait from the 70s. Since then, I have photocopied this picture and kept one for my records, for a moment just like this one. Using the wonderful free downloadable wrapping paper from Blueprint, I chose to use a nice stripe pattern.
Making Tom Head Wrapping Paper
I then scotch taped a million of the little Tom heads to it, in a random pattern.
Tom Head Wrapping Paper
After this, I photocopied it again, making quite a few copies. I taped the copies together, then used it like it was regular wrapping paper.
Tom Head Wrapping Paper
Add some ribbon.
Tom Head Wrapping Paper
Custom Tom wrapping paper! I am also meeting my good friend Nicole for her birthday this weekend. As a fellow fashion lover, I used my old fashion magazines to wrap her gift.
Nicole's B-day Gift
I think the wrapping goes especially well with this one, considering what the gift is (which I can not disclose just yet)!
As far as Tom's gift, I got him this and this based on the music I've got him into over the past year.

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myteemingee said...

Yeah, that wrapping paper was totally awesome!!! Too bad the copier didn't do color - imagine the colorful stripes it could have been! ;)

p.s. the color copier is up in admin, if you ever feel brave enough to go up there.