Monday, November 12, 2007

A Cupcake Complaint

Considering I had a paper due and lots of reading (pictured above) to finish, this weekend was full of fun stuff. I went to 2 shows: Of Montreal and Jens Lekman, both were fantastic. Cupcakes were had at Dot's, in Pasadena which was a let down, actually. Cupcake shops are opening all around LA and one of the most important thing that separates them apart for me is the happy and cheerful experience you get while in one. Dot's did not have this at all. I would have had a picture, but they snapped at me for taking out my camera. They also told me they didn't have boxes for my cupcakes so I had to take them in a bag, while cupcakes were getting boxed left and right in front of me. Maybe I would be a little more understanding if they had a line out the door, like Sprinkles usually does (although, Sprinkles staff is always friendly), but they weren't that busy, so there was no excuse for being rude. The cupcakes weren't worth the attitude I got. The first time a cupcake made me feel sad.

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