Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Little Here, A Little There

Oh dear. So much has happened in my world of crafts since the last update. I started sewing the duvet cover and not so good. I somehow managed to cut one of my pieces too short (15" too short). While any sane person would probably just go buy a new peice of fabric and sew the rest together, I ended up making the whole thing be 15" too short. I do like a challenge, but this has gotten a little bad. My cousin, Ana gave me the great idea of cutting the duvet in half and adding a 15" panel in the middle. I like that idea, so the search for my middle panel continues. I might even cut the duvet in 3 and add 3-5" panels. It's all up in the air for now.

Onto the next project, storage. After buying the shelf I've been wanting forever, I've been looking around for boxes or baskets that would organize my crafts/projects. Who knew nice storage boxes cost $20+ each? Did I mention I wanted about 10 of these boxes? So, I came up with an idea that was a little more cost efficient... cardboard boxes.
lots o' boxes
Well, they're good quality boxes and only cost $1.50 each! My plan is to cover them with fabric and add some sort of hardware to make them look a little nicer. I will post pictures of the process as soon as I start.

In other news... here are some of my new fabric purchases!
new fabric


Jennifer said...

those boxes are a great idea. Where did you find them? I'd love to get some to cover with fabric for my craft room.

dailycraft said...

I got the boxes atThe Container Store, in Pasadena and the fabric at Joann's Fabrics in Sherman Oaks.
Please come back and post pictures of your finished boxes :)