Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Day Of School

And the first day of the end of my life (for 2 years). Today, I take my first class at UCLA in order to get my Masters in Information Science and become a librarian. I'm nervous, but I'm really looking forward to this class, it is American Archives and Manuscripts. I'm also taking Statistics and an Intensive Technology Workshop, which don't sound quite as exciting to me. As I was off to purchase my school supplies, Brian insisted that he wanted to get them. I reminded myself that being a control freak is not good, and agreed to let him pick out my supplies.
My New School Supplies
I was so glad I did! Besides from him buying my supplies is absolutely adorable (like kitties and bunnies and oohs and ahhhs adorable), but he got me some good stuff! I hope he knows that now that I have been spoiled, he has to continue this until I get my degree.

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