Sunday, June 17, 2007

Duvet Cover Turned Curtains and Pillows

Remember that duvet cover I was sewing? Well, it turned into curtains.
Attempted duvet cover...
Curtains with lace detail.
Duvet cover curtains, lace detail.
Considering how this particular spot of my room looked before, I am quite pleased.
The duvet cover fabric was never ending. I also made some pillowcases, which are a little off. I think they'll be temporary.
As far as what I did for a duvet cover (since I used all the fabric for other things)? I bought one at Linen's and Things on sale for $30. It was so worth it, considering how much fabric costs (originally, i spent $100 on the duvet cover fabric). I might embellish the duvet cover, it's a plain white one. One thing I learned from all of this is to buy bedding first! It was so hard to try to match the bedding to the other fabrics I bought for the room. Next step is to sell and buy my computer desk and figure out where all the furniture pieces are going to go.

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