Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DIY Hat Box

Since I've been redecorating and organizing my bedroom, I've been keeping an eye out for cute storage containers. One thing I learned about them is that they are expensive! That's why I made my own fabric covered boxes. Even though I made 10 boxes, I still need more help with storage. I've been doing some research on vintage hat boxes, and found those can be pricey as well, so I decided to try making one out of things I found around the house.
I used a little hat box that I already had as a guide, and started taping thick envelopes together.
Making a Hat Box
Once I got the sides all taped up, I used old records as the base and lid. Making a Hat Box
I adhered them with packaging tape.
Making a Hat Box
Not too shabby. Well, a little shabby, but it can be done! If I ever redo this project, I might use cardboard instead of paper envelopes. I don't think I'm going to end up using this one. I might just buy paper mache ones from the craft store and cover those with fabric or drawer contact paper.
Making a Hat Box

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Felicia said...

Wow, now there is a brilliant idea!