Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Operation Organize

Somehow I need to fit all this...
The junk that needs to go on the shelf (or in the trash)

... into this!
My new shelf
I'm planning on getting rid of and selling a lot of the junk and furniture in the messy area. I also have been thinking long and hard on a way to make the shelves look totally organized and clean. I've been thinking a lot about possibly wrapping my books in vellum, it's probably a lot better for them too. Only thing is that I love looking at my vintage book collection and all of their fun colors. Something to think about. I can't really start moving things into my shelf yet either, because I want to mount it first... but before I mount it, I have to decide where it's going to officially go and be mounted to. I plan on making some of these decisions this week, so more on that soon.

I've had this mirror sitting around in the junk area for a while now.
Yellow Mirror
It used to be this ugly white thing, but now it's a yellow thing and still kinda ugly. I'm working on it! I think using cheap paints did not help at all. Time for re-sanding and a new coat of paint. I think this one is going to eventually live in the bathroom.

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