Sunday, April 22, 2007

Snow Day

Yesterday we drove up to the snow. More pictures here.

Snow everywhere

After lots of nature walking, snowball fighting, snow angeling, snowman making, and sunburn getting hours later, we decided to leave. I pulled out my camera to see all the pictures we took during our adventures, only to find that my little camera was broken. I've had my little Canon Powershot SD200 for about 4 years now and it's been so good to me. That little guy has been with me every one of those days, without a case, thrown around in my purse. He had a few scratches here and there, but he was a tough little guy! I guess I'm a bit sentimental when it comes to certain things, and this camera is one of them. Maybe it's because my camera has been with me and helped me capture some of my most happy and sad memories of the past 4 years. No matter what changes around me, this little camera has been there! For the past year or so, I've been talking about upgrading my little camera, but I never did. I always blamed it on money, but I think part of it was because I loved my little camera (now that I'm admitting to it, I think I feel the same way about my 10 year old little car too). Well, I can only go so long without a camera, so this morning I purchased the Canon Powershot SD750. I do have to admit, I'm already in love with it. This time, I am going to go the extra mile and purchase a case for him. Time to go read more of the manual! I love non-fiction (seriously)!

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