Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easy Easter Basket

Brian is visiting me at work today and since I might not get to see him this weekend, I decided to give him his Easter Basket early. To make it, I used foil and fabric scraps. First, I shaped some foil into a bowl shape.
Foil inside

I put that aside and sewed strips of fabric together to make a nice rectangle of fabric.
Fabric swatched together

Then, I bunched the fabric around the foil and sewed it on, using my machine. I added some green fabric on the inside to give it a Easter grass illusion. Since it was a big awkward running a bowl shape of fabric and foil through a machine, I decided to get a little creative with the stitches. I sewed it around and around with wavy motions to give it an intentional messy look.
Messy stitches

For the handle, I folded over some of the fabric a few times and sewed it up and onto the basket.
The basket

Put the chocolates inside, and you have a cute little basket!
Candies in the basket


bpy said...

i love it... thanks cutie!

chiffonade said...

So lovely!