Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sleevey Dress

I've had this dress for a while now. I've worn it once, but always avoided it because of the long sleeves. I don't generally mind long sleeves, but these were baggy and unflattering.
the dress with long sleeves

So I finally decided to chop them off. I cut them at an angle.
chop the sleeves off

Pinned them around, then sewed.
do a little pinning

New sleeves! I could definitely see me wearing this dress more now.
the short sleeve

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WHAT?! how did you pin those sleeves and then just sew them?! how did you know how to do that???? and holy crap, your arms are skinny!
~ you-know-who ;)

p.s. i went to the flea market today and got a book on quilting with scraps. you totally inspired me! now i have to buy scraps and a rotary wheel thingy with cutting board to add to my papercrafting/sewing crate that is overflowing as it is. rick is going to *sigh* at me again... ;)