Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Craft Cozy

Inspired by Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing, I made a project similar to one she had in the book. I'm not really patient enough to follow directions or measure, so I just eyeballed it and came out with a slightly messy, but functional craft cozy. First I pressed the fabric.

Pressing the Pockets

Then I pinned and sewed.
Pinning the Pockets

Sewing the Pockets

Here she is with empty pockets.
Empty Pockets

And full pockets. I don't think I'm going to keep the cozy in this spot or with that pink ribbon either. I'm still trying to figure out where to put it and how to attach it on to the wall or desk it will be on.
Pockets full of crafts

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Anonymous said...

OMG pannette. i haven't been keeping up with your blog lately so i just read through a bunch of them. OMG. first off, the trifle was so EFFing good...! i could have eaten the whole dang thing and i don't even like sweets and cake. secondly, i want to know how in the heck you got your embroidery tag so perfect. the stitches are all identical and perfect! my embroidery always come out skewed, long stitches, short stitches, and then it's all crappy and looks like a 12 year old did it. thirdly, knitting?! baking?! AND sewing?? AND spring cleaning?! AND embroidering little chickies?! jeez. you're fabulous. :) i thought of starting a blog just because yours inspires me, but then i'd have nothing to blog about. :(
-love, you know who. *wink*