Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taking It To The Street

Last May, I received the prettiest Orchid from Brian's sister. I had noticed recently the blossoms started to look a bit sad, one by one, they were dropping. On Friday, it finally happened. They last bit of blossoms were frowning.
My orchid is dying.
I was so confused, because I followed all the instructions on how to care for Orchids! At closer inspection, I came to a realization.
It was so clear!
Orchid roots at the surface..
All of the roots were above the soil! Some were even out of the pot! How could I be so oblivious?
Orchid roots at the surface..
I had to make a last attempt to save the Orchids! So, I trimmed the roots and decided to re-pot. Though, I didn't really have a handy pot around, one with holes to let water drain through. So, I improvised!
What was a cup before...
This cup just happened to be sitting on my counter, a water cup from a fast food restaurant. I figured, why not recycle it? I got my handy awl and poked a few holes.
Using an awl to make wholes in this cup to make it a recycled new flower pot
All ready for some dirt!
Recycled new flower pot
What next? Taking it to the street! That's right, taking it to the street! Time to get the hands a little dirty. Now, I'm not really sure if this regular dirt will cut it, but it's all I had.
Taking it to the streets
I didn't really have any potting soil at home, so I just went around the corner and found a spot with some dirt. I needed to work quickly, if I wanted to save the plant! I put a little dirt on the bottom.
A little bit of dirt...
Then, removed the Orchid from it's previous pot....
Orchid roots
...placed her in her new home...
Orchid in her new home
... and made sure to top her roots off with some more dirt.
Dirt to the brim
It was fun taking my little craft out for a walk. I had a mini exploration session and found this cutie!
Lone Mushroom
It was pretty fun! Eventually, I brought little Orchid back home, to her new spot and sprinkled the top with a little bit of water.
Orchid in her new home
I'm not sure if she'll make it, but here's hoping! She had a good run... either way!
Orchid in her new home


Smarry said...

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Caren Araujo said...

You've been tagged. Check out my blog for details. Kisses!

Caren Araujo said...

You've been tagged. Check out my blog for details. Kisses!

Melissa said...

Stumbled on your post. I love how the transparent 'pot' will also allow you to see if the orchid needs water!

A note about orchids: They are not disposable plants, so don't throw yours away after it blooms. Orchids are not meant to stay in bloom forever. Mine typically last 6 months, depends which one though. One only lasts 4 months, but that's ok. What matters is keeping them healthy.

Orchids are aerites. The roots are meant to stick out of the pot, and have space around the potting 'bark'. The tips soak up the humidity in the air. Be patient. Keep it fed and humid. Love it. You have to dote on orchids. But they will reward your efforts when those gorgeous blooms come out.

One last thing: Never transplant an orchid while it is blooming. The shock could drastically shorten the life of the flowers. Wait until it's done.

Good luck!

dailycraft said...

Melissa! That is great advice, thank you so much! I really don't know much about Orchids, but I did just get a new one! Let's hope I'm as luck as you... 6 months! That's so great! Thanks again for the great comment!