Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sick Day Crafts

Almost all of last week, I was home sick. It was pretty awful. I had a fever of about 102 and was stuck in bed all week. Each time I put a cool towel on my head, it seemed to get warm fast, so I remembered about this little plastic plate.
Little plastic dish
I actually got this plate after buying sushi-to-go one day, and didn't have the heart to throw out this cute little plate. It was the perfect size for a a block of ice for my forehead. So I filled it with some water and let it freeze.
Filled with water
It made a nice little piece of ice.
Turned to ice
Place the ice in a small cloth.
Wrapped in cloth
And wrap it up.
Cold wrap for a fever
When the ice started to melt, I just placed the whole cloth back into the freezer and re-used it. Luckily, I'm all better now and on to more exciting ice related projects, such as making ice cream! Tomorrow, I will post all about my latest ice cream creation.

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lisette said...

Goog idea to make a ice cube! Hope you feel completly well now!