Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Apple Pie Ice Cream

Today, I am home sick. I think the combination of school, work, bake-a-thons, going out, running, and everything else I'm up to has taken it's toll on me. Most of the day has been spent in bed, with a fever. I'm determined to get better, since I do have class tomorrow. So in the rare moment of me being awake for today, I present you Apple Pie Ice Cream, or Apple Pie A La Mode in a cup, or things to do with leftover baked goods. It all starts with a vanilla bean ice cream base.
Vanilla bean
Vanilla beans are so fragrant. After seeping this vanilla bean, and all of it's little seeds into some warm milk and cream, my entire apartment smelled so lovely.
Eggs and Sugar
I slowly combined eggs and sugar with the warm vanilla milk/cream mixture to make my vanilla base, and let that cool all day. After my mini pies were all done. I set aside a group that just didn't make the cut.
Leftover mini apple pies
I then mashed these up into bits, and poured them into the ice cream mix during the last 5 minutes of processing. The machine's directions mentioned that all toppings put into the machine should be no larger than a chocolate chip. Well, I didn't really follow that rule. Just think of when you eat cookie's n' cream ice cream, isn't it kind of exciting when you find a big chunk of cookie in your scoop? Maybe it's just me, but it's the little things like a big cookie piece that put a smile on my face.
Crushing the leftover mini apple pies
The machine did make some interesting noises with the bigger chunks, but the results were amazing.
Apple Pie Ice Cream
I'm still in shock that I produced such a tasty treat!
Apple Pie Ice Cream
Now.. back to bed for me.


Info. said...

Wow, that looks yummy. You got nice pictures of food here.. it's making me hungry!

Brooke said...

Your ice cream looks really good. I was browsing threw blogs, and yours cought my eye. I love baking and crafts, and just wanted to let you know your page is great.

Becky said...

I was driving home tonight, eating a fast food apple pie and vanilla soft serve, and reminiscing about Baskin Robbin's "Apple Brown Betty" flavor and I came home to read that you had created your very own version. This is the thing that my ice cream maker will be doing next week. Thankyouthankyou! And, feel better.

PS the Science Quilt is getting ever closer to being done... finally...