Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Chicken, Mushrooms and Wine

I originally intended on making Chicken Marsala, though I completely forgot to get Marsala wine! Luckily, I just purchased a 4 pack of small bottles of Pinot Grigio, especially for cooking, so I thought I'd get creative with what I had. First, I made a mixture of flour, Italian bread crumbs, Italian seasonings, garlic salt, and pepper and coated the chicken in this mix. I used a dot of butter and a tiny bit of olive oil to heat the pan and grilled the chicken for a few minutes. I then flipped the chicken and added a basket full of mushrooms.
Mushroom Chicken a la Pinot Grigio
Soon after, I added some wine. I've gotta say, 2007 is not the best of years for this particular wine. I think I'll spring for a nicer bottle next time. The mini bottles are just so convenient! I added a little cream to the mix and that made up for it all.
Mushroom Chicken a la Pinot Grigio
I felt like this dish was missing some greens, so I compensated with a green plate. Next time perhaps green beans?
Mushroom Chicken a la Pinot Grigio
I'm a little glad I forgot to buy the Marsala wine, experimentation is good in cooking - even if the experiment is bad, at least we learn what not to do next time!

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