Monday, August 18, 2008

Angel Food Cake Disaster

I don't know what happened. I've made this same Angel Food Cake a dozen times before, but it wasn't going to happen for me this time. The eggs were fresh.
Egg Whites, Vanilla, Cream of Tartar, and water
The batter was shaping up.
Mixing in the sugar, salt, and flour
But the outcome was suspicious.
Angel Food Cake Disaster #1
After the flip, I was immediately worried.
Angel Food Cake Disaster #1
Even then, I didn't realize what I was about to see. Who knew cake could do this?
Angel Food Cake Disaster #1
I was confused, but wasn't about to waste any more time scratching my head. I quickly went to the store and bought a new dozen of eggs.
Another dozen of eggs later...
I thought maybe I didn't let it bake long enough? So, for my second cake, I left it in until it was a darker brown.
Angel Food Cake Disaster #2
I was hopeful. It looked better than the first, but I was still worried. By this time, it was late, so I went to bed and left it until morning.
Angel Food Cake Disaster # 2
Not so good.
Angel Food Cake Disaster # 2
The outside was cakey, but the inside was the same gummy substance that I got with cake #1. Either way, it was not good. I had to have my parfait ready to go in a hurry, so I was forced to go to two different grocery stores looking for a ready baked Angel Food Cake. I wasn't very happy about that. I really do like baking from scratch, but I have to admit, the store bought cake was really good. Not better than my usual Angel Food Cake, but a billion times better than the ones baked this time. I made up for it with the best cream, ever.
The best cream filling I have ever made
Cream cheese, sugar, and heavy whipping cream must be soul mates on some level. The mixture is perfect harmony. It makes one tasty parfait when layered with angel food cake, strawberries, and blueberries.
Angel Food Cake, Stawberry, Blueberry Parfait
I'm not sure if this Angel Food Cake dilemma has made me want to give up Angel Food Cake baking or determined to get it perfected. I think I will try to take a baking break for now, but one of these days I might be writing a week of posts on perfecting the art of Angel Food Cake.
Angel Food Cake, Stawberry, Blueberry Parfait

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myteemingee said...

*DROOOL* it looks like your infamous trifle.... *DOUBLE DROOOOOL*

i don't know what goes into angel food cake - was it the temp of the butter? or temp of the eggs? or the oven not preheated thoroughly? or the flour not sifted? or the sugar too clumpy? those are usually the problems i have with my cookies when they "melt" in the oven..