Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Group Quilt Inspiration Fabric

This rich fabric has been the inspiration for many quilts that the group has made, but this is the first time the fabric will be featured in one of the quilts. The thing about my quilting group is that a lot of our fabric has been donated, which means some of it tends to be flawed. One of the group members did a lovely job piecing together the back of the quilt with this fabric, then realized that there were multiple holes stapled into it! We thought about mending them, but the holes were just too big. To get a good view of the holes, we held the fabric up against a bright window and marked them with post-it notes.
Inspiration Fabric for the Getty Quilt
I volunteered to cut out the flawed areas and re-piece the back together. I didn't realize how difficult it would be cutting into my fellow quilter's hard work, I felt so bad! I just hope I didn't miss any holes! I'm happy to say, we are soon approaching the quilt sandwich phase of this project. I think my next duty in the group is going to be hand embroidery of the quilt tag, which I am anxious to get started on. Embroidery is the perfect hobby for the quiet moments in between my busy schedule. And things are about to get busier in the Daily-Craft household. Besides starting school tomorrow, I have entered myself into a baking exhibit! The event will take place on Monday, so I will be making approximately 4 dozen mini apple pies all weekend long.

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Claudeete said...

This is beautiful and such a wonderful idea! I love it. I'm in Pasadena too, so maybe I'll see ya around crafty lady!!!