Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mini No-Knead Bread Loaf

My last weekend before school starts and I'm still in baking mode. I have to admit, the rain had something to do with it. Relaxing in my kitchen with the sound of raindrops outside, it was so peaceful. Since I'm only one gal and probably capable of eating a whole loaf of bread, I decided to make a mini loaf instead. It's the new year, and a girl's gotta watch her waistline sometimes, right?
No Knead Dough
The fabric below is the fabric I used to make my new curtains, which I realized I still haven't posted. I think I'm waiting to get my whole room put together a little more first.
Baked No Knead
For my next loaf of bread, I think I'll be using a whole wheat flour. Though, this might have to wait until school is out.

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