Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Honey Wheat No-Knead Bread

My four eyed friends, have you ever walked into the shower still wearing your glasses and not even notice for a few minutes? Drops of water may be piling on those lenses, but you don't seem to notice/care/realize what's going on? Yes. Today was a long day. First day of school and a whole new loaf of bread! I know I said I was going to wait until after school, but I got a little excited when I saw the whole wheat flour package at the grocery store. Plus, making no-knead bread is so easy!
Making the Whole Wheat No Knead Bread
I did a little investigation on blogs, and read that people had bad experiences using only whole wheat four, so I decided to use 2 cups of white flour and 1 cup whole wheat.
Making the Whole Wheat No Knead Bread
After a few hours, I realized that I had orange-blossom honey in my fridge. I added a big tablespoon of honey and folded it into the dough.
Adding Honey to the Whole Wheat No Knead Bread
I let the dough rest for about 24 hours. Normally, I'd stop it at 18 hours, but I've hardly been home and what could 6 extra hours do, right?  Once it was nice and bubbly, I preheated the oven and my Chefmate dutch oven for about 30-60 minutes to 500.
after about 24 hours
I reduced the heat to about 460ish once it was in.  According to the original recipe, I'm supposed to leave the bread covered for the first 30 minutes, then uncovered for the next 15 minutes.  After about 20-25 minutes, I started smelling an *almost* burning bread situation.
fresh out of the oven
I quickly checked, and noticed that the top was starting to get pretty dark.  So, I decided to stop there.
the ready to eat No-Knead Loaf
Normally, one should wait for the bread to cool, but I couldn't. It was almost my bedtime, so I had to try some before bed.
Honey Wheat No Knead Bread
It turned out a little doughy in the middle, but that went away after a few hours. The honey was a nice touch, I'm glad I added it. I think I like this version a little better than the original, white bread version.  Next time, I might experiment with honey and lavender.


myteemingee said...


omg sorry. i'll wipe that right up.

rebekka said...

I LOVE no-knead bread, I make it all the time, and I am always looking for good variations. This morning, I was thinking, "I wonder if you could add honey to it?" That's how I found this post actually, I googled that question! Anyway, how much could you actually taste the honey, and do you think more could be added without changing the texture? It looks divine!