Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wedding Craft #14: Table Numbers

Tables at our wedding
Hi there! This is Brian, Annette's husband. She has asked me to write a bit about the table number cards I put together for our wedding. Starting with an old piece of sheet music paper, I folded it into a fan and trimmed the edges. Then, I constructed a stand, which consisted of two different sized circles, cut out of heavy black
cardstock. For the smaller circle, I even used one of our wedding jam
mason jars as a template!
Making the table numbers...
I took the first larger circle and covered a side with glue, placed the sheet music fan in the middle and folded the edges up the front and back.
Making the table numbers...
Once the glue dried, I put another dab on the bottom of the fan and placed it in the middle of the smaller circle, which helped to keep the fan standing upright.
Making the table numbers...
We printed the table numbers on blue paper, cut each out in a semicircle, and affixed it onto the front of the fan... that's it!
Table Numbers
These table number cards were fun to create and looked pretty great with the rest of our wedding decor.

Up next: Wedding Craft #15: Just Married Sign

**Top photograph above is by Our Labor of Love


Create Peace said...

Love your creative use of old sheet music! Beautiful photographs as well.

Chloe Mia said...

So creative! They look great =)

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Cool! Harmoniously