Thursday, December 02, 2010

Recycled Book Christmas Garland

We recently had a huge book sale over at the library. Many things were sold, many things were donated, and some things were candidates for the trash - or in my case, my craft cabinet. Lucky for me there were boxes of promotional copies of the Harlequin Romance Mystery, Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch for my crafting pleasure. The best part is that the text is available online in full pdf here, so it's free of any librarian-cutting-into-books guilt.
Christmas Book garland
I started the garland with cutting multiple strips of the text, approximately 1" thick. I tried to cut off the edges which had no text, just to keep the garland visually full of text. Because my tree has a red bow on top, I decided to string the garland with red embroidery floss, just to give it that extra pop of color.
Christmas Book garland
I loosely folded my strip of text in a wavy "s" pattern, then started to thread it, one wavy strip at a time.
Christmas Book garland
I tried to keep the tightness of the garland somewhat random, but loose enough so that the red thread would show through.
Christmas Book garland
Just a note, I am completely excited about Christmas this year. December just started, but we already have 3 trees (and we're still getting one more...)! Very festive in the Young household, so expect an array of holiday posts this month.


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Love love the Siamese kitties!

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It's a very good idea! :)

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thanks for telling the technique...

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