Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wedding Craft #11: Quilt Banner

Our wedding, as you walked into the reception lobby
As many of you already know, Brian and I featured a number of homemade crafts at our wedding - from the invitations, to the favors, and every detail in between. One common thread (thread!) was the fabric we used in a lot of the crafts.
Wedding quilt banner fabric
We used this polka dot fabric in the tops of our wedding favors and in our quilt guestbook, so I decided to make a banner using the same fabric. The first step was to make a screen.
Making the screen for the wedding quilt banner and some other details...
After making our wedding invitations, I became a screen printing machine.
The screen I made for the wedding quilt banner
Once my screen was all done, I organized the order of each color/letter and began screen printing.
Screening the fabric for the wedding quilt banner
Before I knew it, they were all done!
Freshly screened fabric for the wedding quilt banner
I sandwiched the letters and began to sew the top edges together.
Sewing banner triangles together
Then came the twine.
Adding the twine inside..
After sewing the top edges of each triangle, I placed the twine along the top edge and sewed the rest of sides shut.
Wedding quilt banner
A small detail for a considerate amount of work, but I thought it added some fun and whimsy.

Up next: Wedding Craft #12: Silhouette Woodblock

**Reception table photograph by Our Labor of Love

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