Sunday, October 05, 2008

More Fun With Construction Paper, Scissors, Scotch Tape, Staples, And Glue Stick

Before I move on to a new branch library, I had one more day to begin and complete mural #2! I had a general idea when I got there yesterday, but that evolved into something a little more involved than I originally imagined. I wanted to keep this wall simple, since I only had about 8 hours to complete it, but in a lot of ways, it became extremely detailed. I had a whole new blank slate to work with.
Wall #2
This board is even longer in length and width than the first wall I completed. Before I got to the library, I decided that I'd go for a plain black background, since the blue squares were a little time consuming. When I started setting up, I noticed that a lot of the characters that are going on the wall had black hair. This was a dilemma, because I didn't want the hair to fade in with the background. So, I decided to give the middle the blue square treatment and the edges a black border.
Wall #2 Background progress
Strangely, it went by super quick and I was able to finish the background in no time.
Wall #2 Background complete
I also had the kid's heads ready, but what took forever was making the kids books!
Wall #2 Kids in progress
I made 8 different kid's book covers yesterday, and I'm still not finished with them. I want to add little white page flaps to the inside. And when that's done, there's still more! Luckily, they extended my stay at this branch, so I have more time to finish before I move to the next. More progress to come!


Rose said...

Is the blond reading the book on cupcakes supposed to be you? Because this is what I automatically thought. Perhaps, it was subconsciously done. Hehe.

dailycraft said...

How funny! That's not supposed to be me at all! I have a bigger head and blue eyes.. and no bangs. I really tried to model all the kids after the little ones I've seen in the library. Oddly, I think I relate most with my orange haired boy. Though, I do love me a good cupcake once in a while :)