Saturday, October 11, 2008

Construction Paper, Cupcakes, And Tote Bags, Oh My!

Another chance to work on my little construction paper project...
Finishing up wall #2
I think I need about one more short day to finish! It's already been a big hit with the patrons, which is always motivating! In other news...
Chocolate Cupcake from Auntie Em's Kitchen, in Eagle Rock
Yea. Need I say more? Unfortunately, I wasn't the lucky person eating this cupcake, but Auntie Em's sure makes one cutie cupcake alright!
The rest of my day is going to be dedicated to crafts and Felt Club preparation. For starters, I think I'll be busy sewing a few tote bags today. I found this neat fabric in my stash, just begging to become a set of totes!
Soon to be tote bags
More updates to come soon!

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