Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Someone's Making Ice Cream

Uh huh. That's right. I'm at it again. I have a couple of flavors I want to experiment with and I'm pretty excited about both of them. They both start with a vanilla bean ice cream base. I just love a fresh vanilla bean.
Vanilla Bean
The smell is heavenly. I scraped the seeds and put them into my mixture of milk, and cream.
Vanilla Bean
I have to admit, I did use non-fat milk and portions of low-fat and non-fat whipping cream. This could be trouble!
Cream.. future Ice Cream
The vanilla milk tasted pretty decent, but when I added the eggs and sugar... well, I was excited! It tasted delicious!
Future Ice Cream
I'll be making two flavors out of this base, but those will be revealed in the next post!

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