Thursday, July 12, 2007

How To Not Boil An Egg, While Getting A Quilt Top Done

I've been doing research on the perfect way to boil an egg recently. I've heard so many different methods and decided to follow this video on It just seemed to have such authority, so I gave it a go. Here are the basic rules:
-In a saucepan, cover the eggs with water. Make sure they are covered with about an inch extra water.
-Bring water to a rolling boil, then turn off heat.
-Cover saucepan for 14-17 minutes.
-Drain the eggs and cool them in cold water. This keeps the yolks yellow, and prevents any green film from forming around them.
-Crack the eggs, and let them sit in the cold water for one hour. This gets the water under the eggshell, for easy peeling.
Hard Boiled Eggs
Now, the things I did wrong:
-I was quilting at the same time and I lost track of time, so instead of letting the eggs sit for 14-17 minutes, I let them sit for about 25 minutes.
-I cooled my eggs in cold water, but I know I did something wrong with this step, because my yolks had the green film around them, so maybe not.
-I didn't crack my eggs before letting them sit in the cold water for an hour, so my eggs were extremely hard to peel.
-I actually fell asleep and let the eggs sit in the water for about 2-3 hours.

With all this error, they still tasted good! Plus, I did get my quilt top done!
Annabelle Quilt Top
I've got my sandwich layers all ready..
Annabelle Quilt Detail
but before I go straight to basting, I think I might play with some embroidery, and possibly applique details.


Anonymous said...

wow. i wonder how fast i could make my quilt if i had a sewing machine. but i wouldn't know how to use it anyways so it would probably take longer. ;) i hope your new niece will treasure her quilt forever!!! pretty colors!!
- i should get a blogger login just to leave you comments. ;)

Anonymous said...

That green film on the eggs is so unappetizing. I imagine the eggs simply cooked too long. Regarding your quilt, it looks wonderful~ Happy to know that it was completed, and the eggs still tasted good.