Monday, July 16, 2007

Apple Tart

Every time I visit my parents, they bombard me with fresh fruits and veggies from their garden. I love it. This weekend, they had a very full apple tree and I was the lucky girl who got to take a bag of them home.
My Peach Tart came out so yummy last time, I decided to go with an apple tart this week.
Apple Tart
One small change. Well, two small changes. First one, I forgot to add sugar! Such an important step, considering how tart these apples were to begin with. The tarts were still good, but each time I took a bite, it was like I was reminding myself of what a dork I am for forgetting one of the most important ingredients.
Now, the exciting other small change was that I made this a two layer tart.
Apple Tart with Cream
Apple Tart
That was exciting. Even more exciting were the little apple hearts on top.
Apple Tart Love
Lots of crafts were done this weekend. Tomorrow I will post those and all my loot from Felt Club!

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