Monday, February 05, 2007

Pillow Cases

Nicole and I went to Rosie's Calico Cupboard, the most amazing fabric store in San Diego! I spent a little more than my budget allowed, but I'll keep myself busy for a long time with all my new supplies. We went there to find a fabric to make Nicole's curtains out of. We found one she liked, but when we went to the window, the fabric looked too yellow. We had a lot of it, so we decided to make some pillowcases for her bedroom instead. We picked up a few 99 cent pillows at Ikea and went to work.

Pillow and Fabric

We measured and pinned.
Pinning the Fabric

We did a little ironing.
Ironing the fabric and seams

Nicole really wanted to do the actual sewing part, so here she is stiching away with my husky.

And here they are on her bed. It only took a few minutes!
The Pillows

Here is some of the fabric I bought at Rosie's:
San Diego Fabric

And here is the fabric I came home to that night! It's here!
Mail Order Fabric

Quilt squares will be cut tonight!

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Nicole said... gave me the strength and determination to see a craft project through to it's completion. for that, i thank you. :P