Saturday, February 24, 2007

Coffee, Cookies, and Crafts

I purchased some of the backing fabric yesterday. I say "some" because they didn't have enough fabric to cover the back of my quilt. I bought it anyway, because I kind of wanted to do something creative in the back using other fabrics too. I have a few ideas already, but I might do a photoshop mock up before I commit to anything. I washed all my fabrics yesterday. I was really nervous, because I didn't do any color bleeding tests and I didn't have color catching detergent, but everything worked out okay. I got a few tangles, but not as many as I thought there would be, considering all the fabric I washed. I put all my loose fabrics in a pillowcase and my quilt top in a laundry bag. The quilt top hardly had any tangles at all.

Strings that were cut off the fabric, after I washed it.

Ever since I got my embroidery book, I've been dying to have a go at it. This afternoon I will be meeting my partner in craft, Nicole Shibata, to have some coffee, cookies and crafting at one of my favorite coffee spots in Pasadena. I'm going to work on a tag for the quilt, or maybe just practice and enjoy the company.

Quilt top with backing fabrics and possible embroidery

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Nicole said...

next time you have tangles, give them to me! i like fabric tanglies!