Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Family Visit

My parents came to visit me last night. We went to my favorite greasy Chinese take out restaurant, Tang's! The food was good and it was nice to hang out with my parents. My dad wanted to straighten out my finances and help me devise a better budget plan, which includes a little investing and perhaps a little low-risk stock market action. On the other hand, my mom wanted to talk to me about Clorox and the wonders it will do for cleaning my sink. They left pretty late, so I didn't get too much done, but managed to start the "Annette" in my embroidery.

Embroidery Progress

First I stitched a few long stitches to write out my name and now I'm going to wrap around all those stitches. Tonight, I hope to finish the "nette" part, start the date and possibly think about the design or border I'm going to add around the tag. I'll also have to do a little cleaning around the house, so that Junko feels welcome in my little apartment.

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