Thursday, December 09, 2010

Our First Gingerbread House

Our Gingerbread House
Believe it or not, Brian and I have never decorated a gingerbread house, ever. This being our first married Christmas together, we're really getting into the holiday spirit. While I really wanted to make the entire house from scratch, we just got really busy and I ended up buying a Wilton set and some extra candies. As soon as we started decorating, we didn't stop once for pictures, we just went nuts.
Our Gingerbread House
Brian got one side of the house and accidentally made this really cool pac-man-like pattern.
Our Gingerbread House
Our true collaboration was really on this roof. Brian covered it in frosting, I added the pipping details and we both added the candies.
Our Gingerbread House
The roof is definitely my favorite part of our little house. I went very traditional on my side of the house.
Our Gingerbread House
We then frosted the base (a small box, covered with foil) and added some blue shimmery sprinkles. The last thing I did was add a red ribbon around the base.
Red Ribbon around our Gingerbread House
For the rest of the month, there will be crafts, cookies, cakes, cheeses, and pies! Get ready!


lisette said...

Woh that's a perfect gingerbread! It's beautiful, colourful and looks sooo yummie!
Hope you enjoyed it and had a great Chrristmas!

Susan said...

Your first gingerbread house? Are you serious!? Wow, you did a great job. I'm drooling over it. See, this is why I'm afraid to attempt to make one, I'll eat the candy before it gets completely assembled.

superman said...

Wow! That looks so wonderful and creative!

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jhon mithous said...

creativity reflects from your posts.

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