Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paperback Wreather

Our Holiday Wreath, made from a recycled paperback book
Yes. I'm a librarian and I tear books. I used discarded books, of course (see more on that, here) and luckily, I have easy access to lots of discarded books! Aside from books, I started with a styrofoam ring and some super hot glue.
Making a wreath
The glue was hot. Super hot. I ended burning quite a few fingers in the process! I was warned... the actual idea, along with the warning came from the Living with Lindsay blog. Great idea, right? I just added a red bow to ours, to make it especially festive.
Our Holiday Wreath, made from a recycled paperback book
I've already got compliments from the neighbors!

More holiday crafts and baking on their way...


Rosy said...

What a wonderful and great idea at how to recycle old paperbacks!

This is my first visit to your blog and I even put a link from mine blog to yours.

Melissa said...

i LOVE this. i'll have to try. would old newspaper work i wonder?

The Giesler's said...

I used straight pins on mine, and although the pads of my thumbs were sore post-project, at least they weren't burned!
I'm the queen of hot glue burns. I'm super impressed that your burns haven't affected your ability to type! :) (Mine would have)

Kim said...

Great idea, this is very different from majority of the book wreathes out right now. No kidding, it must be loads of fun discovering old books and turning them into new things, I am jealous!
- Kim
Upcycle On Everyone!

dailycraft said...

Thanks all!

Melissa, if you use newspaper, I would recommend cutting the sheets down to paperback book size - I initially made this wreath with a larger book and it was REALLY big. TOO big. So, unless you want a massive wreath, I'd stick to something paperback size.

led lights said...

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Emerald Hills said...

Thats really very cool. I will have to give that a shot. I have some books that are just trashed, so I would feel better about using them rather than just trashing them!

Mary P said...

This is really cool. My roommate made one of these for her family at Christmas and it turned out really well.