Thursday, June 19, 2008

Group Quilt

As requested, here pictures of the group quilt I am helping out with.
Getty Quilt - in progress
So far, I've only contributed a square, but I hope to make more of a contribution soon, with the border and back.
Getty Quilt - in progress
As you may have noticed, it's a lot different from the quilts I've made in the past. This is my first time working with a quilt group and the other members are so talented, that I tend to stay a bit quiet. I'm not sure if my quilting style is for everyone. Either way, I am really enjoying being part of a quilting group! I'm learning so much and making more of an effort to sew my lines straight and get all my seams to match!


Charlotte said...

How did you find a quilting group? I also live in Los Angeles, and have been looking for a quilting/craft group to join.

dailycraft said...

The group I'm in is one through people from my work, though there are plenty in Los Angeles! I would search the, which has a list of southern california quilt guilds. I'm not in a guild, but I think I'll join eventually - I hear they're a lot of fun!