Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scrappy Quilt: In Progress

I feel really bad, I don't craft as daily as I used to and I fear that this may only get worse when school starts. To prevent this, I've devised a plan.
Scrap Quilt: In progress
In the past, here and here, I've dabbled with a scrappy quilt. Now, my plan is to keep it going throughout my library school process. I will probably make other quilts in between this time, and definitely work on various other crafts, but I thought why not make this quilt a little sentimental? Plus, since it's scrappy, it can be my "when-I-have-a-free-minute-I-will-work-on-you" craft. I think I will make the back part of it a little plain and embroider library themed items on it. Books, glasses, pencils, etc. I'm excited.


Anonymous said...

Hi Annette! I added your blog to my Google homepage. I found you through another link via Craft Magazine (on my Google as well).

I'm all twitter-patted with your skills and completely admire all of your efforts and the goodies you posted. I haven't even seen your older posts, but I have been inspired by your craftiness.

I'm a stay at home mom with high hopes to keep up with my embroidery. I loved your new quilt too.

Thanks so much for your entertaining blog. I'll be reading you daily, so keep up the good work!


myteemingee said...

Wow. Another adoring fan from who knows where and doesn't even know you! I'm awestruck! :) I can't explain the feeling of being truly inspired by you; I wonder if you truly understand how we feel about you and your blog!!

-not so anonymous anymore...!

dailycraft said...

Awe, you both are too sweet. Originally this blog started to keep me from being lazy.. but now I have comments like these that keep me going. So, thank you!