Thursday, September 20, 2007

Glue + Blue = Box

Hooray! Yesterday my Quilt was on Craft Zine! Many thanks to the lovely Jenny, who is my true craft hero and new blogger on Craft Zine! Here is the LINK to the post!
Another thing to celebrate is my first class syllabus arriving in my email box today! I've already started printing off the billion zillion readings I have to get to, so I decided it was time to start an organizing plan. I really wanted one of those fabric covered boxes to store all my paperwork, but I've realized those can be quite expensive. So, I bought a white box for under $2 at the Container store, some fabric, under $4 at Joann's Fabrics, and went to work.
Making the blue box
The problem with the adhesive and fabric is to use the perfect amount, in order to avoid dark glue spots where the fabric gets saturated with glue. I had a couple dark spots (not pictured here) myself, but the trick is to place the box strategically so that no one sees those! I paired my box with some colorful folders I got at the container store. Hopefully I won't fill the box up too quick, but judging by my new syllabus, my one class alone just might do it.
Getting Ready for School