Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Breakfast

I grated a lot of things for this particular breakfast.
Grating Apples for Pancakes
I never made Apple Cinnamon pancakes before, so I went for it by using the basic pancake recipe with one grated apple and cinnamon to taste. Then I grated zucchini and potato to make a hash brown type of thing.
Grated Zucchini and Potato
Apple Cinnamon Pancakes and Zucchini/Potato Hash Browns
Sure, it looks fine there, but the reality was that the hash was a huge mess. Because of limited space, I don't have many pots and pans. I had to use my grilling pan to do the hash, but things got stuck and messy and well, not good. I guess it tasted fine, but it wasn't pretty. Brian likes his eggs scrambled, so I just got some of the hash mess and scrambled them in with his eggs. Not too bad.
Brian likes scrambled, I like Sunny Side Up
Pretty good for a Sunday morning.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I like making savory pancakes with my grated items!

Anonymous said...

hi pannette! i'm probably repeating myself, but i'm sooooo glad you have this wonderful blog so i can keep up with your crafty travels. whenever i remember to log on to check in on you, i always smile and feel warm inside when i read your stuff. :) hope school is going well and you're not super stressed. i miss you!! next time i see you i want to give you a great big hug!
- anonymous minglet