Monday, March 19, 2007

Full Time In The Fall Time

After 2.5 weeks of sunny days, California got a little gloomy when Junko left. A lot of great adventures were had and some big news to share. I've been accepted to UCLA for graduate school in Information and Library science. Hopefully there will be enough hours in the day to fit in a full time work, student, and crafter schedule. In the meantime, I plan to craft as much as I can. I did manage to get some new thread this weekend.
the new thread

I accidentally left my fabric at home when I went shopping, but I think I came pretty close. It blended in perfectly once I started sewing.
sewing it up

I managed to finish half of the quilting last night. It's not easy sewing such a huge quilt! Lots of folding and pinning! It also took me about 6 hours to safely take out the 4 rows of quilting I did with the old, light brown, thread.

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